Services & Solutions

We provide a full suite of hydrogeological services including:

  • Conceptualisation of groundwater flow systems on all scales from small urban sites to regions hundreds of kilometres across
  • Groundwater resource assessments
  • Quantification of groundwater flow rates and stream-aquifer interaction
  • Feasibility studies of groundwater supply
  • Innovative well design where appropriate, e.g. horizontal wells and injection wells
  • Modelling to interpret groundwater flow systems and predict long-term yields and impacts
  • Groundwater exploration and supply
  • Cost effective well design, optimisationand refurbishment
  • Seepage analysis and interception systems
  • Specialist aquifer testing and analysis (including injection testing)
  • Dewatering and depressurisation systems
  • Evaluation of tunnel and audit inflows
  • Managed/artificial aquifer recharge
  • Optimisation of groundwater remediation
  • Groundwater protection
  • Infiltration testing